May 2, 7pm Chatham 14 – SLY STONE: COMING BACK FOR MORE

Thurs. May 2, 7pm, $6 admission

Chatham 14, 210 W 87th Street, Chicago
Coming Back for More: Sly Stone, Dance to the Music
2008, 92min, Director: Willem Alkema
from the oju image collective 

One of the great musical innovators of the last fifty years, Sly (of the Family Stone, naturally) survived his drug addiction but disappeared from the limelight in the early ‘80s. He became untraceable for years. In 2002, director/musician Willem Alkema started searching for the iconic singer, and his adventures end up turning over a whoooole lot more than he anticipated. A mix of archival performances and interviews with friends and former bandmates, Alkema’s film unfolds like an episode of CSI with one of the funkiest soundtracks you can imagine. Six years in the making, this is an incredible tale for either the superfan or the completely uninitiated, and a portrait of one of the most compelling personalities in music history.

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