Below are the members of our Oju Image Collective distribution network. We exist to increase the marketplace for compelling black and black-oriented film works. We pay film rentals from $250 vs 35% of box office to set flat fees. In Chicago alone we generated over $6000.00 in rental fees for independent filmmakers in 2012 with  2 day monthly screenings. By joining together and creating a distribution network we can grow that figure slowly and consistently, by combining global resources to promote and screen the work we know our audiences want to see.

We will share information and do joint screenings across the network when appropriate.
We will create a publicly accessible database of films, thier distributors and filmmaker contacts.We will create a database of filmmakers and their skills.

If you are interested in programming black cinema works in your city, where ever you are in the world, your organization can become part of our global consortium, we will help you get started if you are interested in starting a film series. We will be doing a Screening Wiki in the near future to assist you.Email Rocky Seker for more information, at

Oju Image Collective members as of January 16, 2013:

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